Yoga Sutra Studio’s Corporate project, is dedicated to companies to bring a new harmony directly at the work

An accurate method that combines Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Harmonic Passages, and Centered Yoga, to promote concentration, to reduce stress, to improve the posture, to maintain constant attention, to integrate into teamwork dynamics, to focus on individual potential in order to succeed in transforming growth targets into effective results.

A brand new opportunity dedicated to companies to implement the well being at work.
A valid support tool to initiatives of stress management according to risk assessment SLC (Stress da Lavoro Correlato) which size organizational factors which could have negative impacts on employee welfare and on company performance.
Karna Project aware of the new demands of the world of business combines coaching (according to ontology transformation method) with the benefits of a discipline that originated more than 5000 years ago: yoga. Seeking a new equilibrium between productivity and well-being

Karna proposes: corporate yoga, team building activities enhanced and made unique by yoga.

Corporate Yoga

All the advantages and benefits of yoga directly at the company in various teaching solutions:

+ Personal Yoga: one-to-one or group lessons at company
+ Yoga Break: regenerating pauses during conventions and meetings
+ Yoga Executive Retreat: to accompany and reinforce corporate training activities and team building

Coaching and Yoga Coaching

Work on transformation.

Karna also proposes coaching activities according to the ontology transformation method, focussed on language, ontological distinctions, to remove limiting beliefs and achieve challenging visions. Also in this case, this practice can be integrated with yoga, proposed as an instrument of work with an exclusive program inserted inside an individual or team coaching path to work on challenges involving the person, group or company.

Who is Karna


The company’s courses will be held by Stefania Valbusa, a yoga instructor and coach certified in 2012 at the EEC, European Coaching and Management Skills School of Turin, accredited at ICF – International Coach Federation as an ACTP (Accredited Coaching Training Program). After completing a degree in Political Science, she worked for ten years in the field of communication with executive account roles and marketing manager for major Turin companies. She spent another ten years in Turin and Paris as an International Project Manager for a leading professional beauty magazine.She approaches the practice of yoga in 2003, to learn how to manage the stress generated by the pace of work and lifestyle. Since 2010 she has devoted entirely to teaching yoga and since 2012, integrating her previous management experience with life in yoga, she has created a yoga coaching program based on the application of yoga principles and practice to provide valuable help to managers of any industry in managing dynamics related to their role.

Yoga Sutra Studio – Karna
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